“The 3D G-Tower by Panhandle Ponics is the most affordable, most efficient, and easiest to use vertical gardening tower for hydroponics or aquaponics.”

— Hooked On Ponics Magazine

The 3D G-Tower overcomes the shortcomings in the ZipGrow tower design and is twice as productive with multiple planting planes! Allows you to grow twice as many market-size plants per foot than the ZipGrow tower in a smaller form factor.

Easier to plant because no media is required to hold your plants in the tower. The 3D G-Tower also requires no special tools to plant it. Supports standard 1.25″ plant starter plugs or 2″ netpots depending on which tower format you choose. Just drop in your plants and you’re off to the races!

The 3D G-Tower uses a Vertical NFT method which has been tried, tested, and proven in a production environment since 2018. Two different cap models, one for hydroponics and one for aquaponics. Precision 360 degree water delivery system guarantees that all plants receive water equally no mater how they are oriented.

Unlike project listings on hobbyist 3D printing sites, the 3D G-Tower is actually used in commercial production environments and has been fine-tuned for that purpose. The 3D G-Tower system is the smartest grow tower choice if you fully intend to maximize your grow space in any hydroponics or aquaponics operation.

The 3D G-Tower has the lowest total cost of ownership since they can be 3D printed with any FDM type 3D Printer. You just print them as needed for nothing more than the cost of the 3D printer filament and the minimal electricity costs to run your printer.

Please see the Product Information page for more technical information on the 3D G-Tower and what makes it better than any other grow tower design on the market.