Climate Czar and 3D G-Tower
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Step 1: Install Climate Czar Server

So lightweight that it will even run on a Raspberry PI

Step 2: Print and Build 3D G-Towers

3D G-Towers are super easy to print and assemble

Step 3: Relax and Watch Things Grow

Sleep easier knowing everything is being taken care of

About The System

The 3D G-Tower is the smartest vertical grow tower design ever created for hydroponics & aquaponics growers.

Climate Czar was designed around an existing produce grow operation, rather than merely adapted to work with one.

“The 3D G-Tower by Panhandle Ponics is the most affordable, most efficient, and easiest to use vertical gardening tower for hydroponics or aquaponics.”

— Hooked On Ponics Magazine

After seeing the immense success of the 3D G-Tower, it was decided that it needs a companion app to make it just that much easier for growers to be successful. Climate Czar was developed for this very purpose and was tested for 5 years in private before being released as open source to the public.

While the 3D G-Tower makes it possible to grow 4 times as many plants per cubic foot of volume than you could by growing in soil, newbie growers tend to get overwhelmed by all of the new responsibilities involved with it. Climate Czar solves this by using sensors and its own built in timers to turn pumps, valves, lights, fans, etc on and off for you.

Even if you don’t use 3D G-Towers in your grow operation, Climate Czar will still work for you and is also useful in other settings where automation and remote climate monitoring & management is needed. Whether it’s just simple home automation, or a fermentation operation for wine and craft beer makers, or even a bunch of DIY chicken egg incubators.

Whether you do hydroponics or aquaponics, the 3D G-Tower will allow you to utilize the actual volume of your grow space, rather than just the square foot area. 3D printers are now just as affordable as a quality document printer and equally user-friendly to operate and maintain. Anybody can make 3D G-Towers, see the video below to learn more.

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3D G-Tower Assembly & Usage