The world’s first
3D printed garden tower

Changing the face of vertical gardening as we know it!

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Step 1: Order Your Parts

Order your tower segments, bases, and caps in your choice of 8 colors!

Step 2: Assemble Your Towers

No tools necessary, all tower parts stack together just like Legos!

Step 3: Plant Your Towers

Tower segments accept any plant starter plug and the plug stays in place!

About 3D G-Tower

The 3D G-Tower is the most flexible garden tower design available for aquaponics and hydroponics growers. It’s the very first of its kind and has the lowest total cost of ownership!

Unlike other garden towers on the market, the 3D G-Tower is a modular system rather than a fixed size tower and allows you to grow more plants per foot since the planters can be rotated in order to reduce crowding and eliminate shadows on lower plants! 3D G-Towers can be used with or without media and are better for aquaponics growers due to their much greater biological surface area!

Due to the fact that the 3D G-Tower is not patent encumbered, the total cost of ownership is naturally lower than all other offerings on the market. You are never required to buy everything from one source or over-pay for items made from common materials simply because somebody holds a patent on the design or method of use. This is the open source future of vertical gardening!

Choose one of the ordering options below. You can either choose to order 3D printed parts to build 3D G-Towers based on the 3×3 inch segments along with matching bases, caps, and sprinklers in your choice of 8 available colors. Or, 3D print your own towers by purchasing a lifetime support license which also includes 3D model files for towers based on 3×4 and 4×4 inch segments and allows the use of 2 inch netpots. 3D print your parts with any type or color of filament you like!

Please Note: Orders for 3D printed parts from this website are only available to continental US customers. Other sizes, colors, and international orders may be available from other lifetime support license holders.