Subscription Services Patreon has been replaced by members-only features on this website in order to provide a more useful service.

Access to the forums on this website is limited to existing customers and subscription services members, only. This is done to combat forum spam and discourage trolls from polluting the waters. Yet, still provide potential 3D G-Tower users a chance to see how things work before purchasing towers or a lifetime support license in order to 3D print their own towers (plus other useful topics).

People who have built a Homgrown Organik system (as promoted on the Panhandle Ponics website) and purchased their 3D G-Towers from the site are automatically granted forum access on this website. However, additional support options are also available here if needed.

Regarding Patreon…It is simply too limited and just not a good platform for a support and consultation system. Their platform is better suited for entertainment purposes and creating a subscription services system for people who do not know how to set up a website. My prior content at Patreon will remain there for people who want access to the archived posts, but all future content will be posted in the forums on this website.

Level 1 Subscription

$1.00 per month for full access to the forums without the need to purchase any products from this website.

Level 2 Subscription

$25.00 per month for direct email consultation support and full forum access, no need to purchase any products from this website.

Level 3 Subscription

$50.00 per month for Zoom meeting (two 45 minute meetings per month) and direct email consultation support plus full forum access, no need to purchase any products from this website.

Subscription Terms and Conditions: Each subscription level’s description and benefits are clearly defined in the above, subscription fees cannot and will not be repurposed or redirected for any other reason. It is up to you to take advantage of what you are paying for, you will not be sent reminders. Subscription fees will be automatically charged to your payment method every month until you cancel the subscription.¬†Placing an order on this website constitutes your agreement with these terms.