Order a complete 3D printed and assembled 3D G-Tower for trial and testing purposes!

Order trial towers to test with and help you plan your system around before taking the 3D printing plunge!

Complete 3D G-Towers are now available from this website as a custom printing job and are only available at the rate of one tower per week. This is a green 4 foot tower with 16 planter pockets, a base, and either a hydroponics or aquaponics cap assembly (you must specify which one).

I am not running a 3D printing farm, I am only making these available to people who want to try them before investing in a 3D printer. Towers take 4.5 days to print, which is why there is a one tower per week ordering limit. These towers are only available in green since that’s the best color for preventing internal algae growth.

Please use this link to purchase a complete 3D G-Tower.

If you are a lifetime support license customer and would like to be listed on this page as an independent supplier, please leave a message in the forums providing the website address that people can order your items from. You may have your own website, an eBay store, or any other form of eCommerce solution.

Please keep in mind that towers and parts sold by other independent suppliers do not automatically grant a person forum access or tech support on this website. You will still need to be a subscription services or lifetime support license customer in order to obtain tech support here.