Order complete 3D printed towers or individual tower parts from independent suppliers!

Complete 3D G-Towers and parts are available from Happy Dance Farm in other sizes and colors than previously offered here. Please keep in mind that they are independent suppliers, not 3dgtower.com distributors, partners, or contractors. Your orders are strictly between you and them, I do not dictate their prices and policies. Any order issues need to be taken up with the supplier that you are buying from.

If you are a lifetime support license customer and would like to be listed on this page as an independent supplier, please leave a message in the forums providing the website address that people can order your items from. You may have your own website, an eBay store, or any other form of ecommerce solution.

Please keep in mind that towers and parts sold by other independent suppliers do not automatically grant a person forum access or tech support on this website. You will still need to be a subscription services or lifetime support license customer in order to obtain tech support here. Previous 3D G-Tower customers from this website will still retain their current access.