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      Larry Athey

      Heads up!…A couple things have recently changed at 3dgtower.com

      – Open registration on the site has been disabled due to a major increase in automated account creation. If you want access to the forums, go to https://3dgtower.com/subscription-services and sign up. I will create an account for you.

      – All users are automatically subscribed to the “Start Here” forum where this is being posted. This is so that it’s easier to reach all existing customers.

      – All future tower orders are now being fulfilled by lifetime support license customers who want to be listed on the Order Tower Parts page here. https://3dgtower.com/order-towers-and-parts

      In other news, a new website will be going up at PanhandlePonics.com for local customers that want to order greenhouse produce online and have it delivered on weekends (Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska – only). I already have a responsible delivery person lined up, college student that comes back home on weekends. She and her 2 younger sisters filled up my greenhouse with 6 tons of crushed concrete in 6 hours. I found me a responsible go-getter and she totally gets what’s going on here.

      The first rack of 16 towers in the greenhouse representing all 3 tower sizes is only 6 towers away from being complete. Plants are already going in. This sure beats growing under grow lights.

      Since summer is finally cooling off and I already have my prototype for the tower racks, I should be able to get the remaining 3 racks built over the winter. That will amount to 864 plants in towers + 36 in my NFT rail system. 900 total plants just in the aquaponics (north) side of the greenhouse.

      An add-on to the 12 wicking beds will be going in as well. A simulated dutch bucket system based on 7 buckets, but will actually be sub irrigated planters just like the wicking beds, for growing things like peppers, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, squash, etc. Bioponics, just like the wicking beds, not aquaponics or hydroponics.

      That’s about it for now. Remember, the forums are here for you to ask questions and get answers. If you are a paying customer for forum access, please use them. Nobody is going to check in with you to find out if you have questions.


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