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      Larry Athey

      There have recently been a lot of new subscribers here but no forum activity from them yet because they keep sending private messages from the contact form instead.

      The contact form is for things related to orders. All future contact form emails will not be answered unless it is order related. I don’t have time to answer the same questions over and over again. That’s why the forums are here.

      Secondly, I am not running a campaign here to overthrow or one-up Bright Agrotech or the ZipGrow tower. I know that I have a better tower design and that’s all that matters to me. If other people use them as well, that’s great. If they would rather buy those other towers that cost more than 3D printing your own, that’s fine too, I’m not out anything. It doesn’t take too long for a Bright Agrotech customer to realize that they’ve been had. That’s not my problem and saving them isn’t my mission in life.

      Thirdly, I’m not selling a complete system or a business plan here. Your local home improvement store sells all the parts you need for a complete system to set up your towers. The towers are just the one item that the home improvement store doesn’t sell. If you aren’t confident that you can do your own plumbing for your area that you will be using your towers in, then you need to hire a plumber or spend some time watching videos on plumbing. If you’re looking for a business plan, I can’t help you there.

      Lastly, whatever the page here says you get in your order, is all you get. There are no additional items available for the asking or anything else implied. The design is open source, as in, the design isn’t patented because it can’t be patented. However, that does not mean that the software I use or anything else that I have on my computer is available. You want to use my designs with your 3D printer, you get access to files that you can use with your 3D printer. You don’t get free copies of software I’ve purchased or software that I’ve written.

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