Purchase a lifetime support license so you can 3D print your own parts and save money!

The 3D G-Tower (GT3x3/GT3x4/GT4x4) model files will be provided in STL and .gcode format for a one-time fee of $100 (US) and will include updates to the GT series for life as well as direct support and guidance here (and optionally via Google Hangouts as a level 3 subscriber here). Since these files are too large for email attachments, you will receive a link to your very own shared Google Drive folder where your files will always be stored and updated.

STL and .gcode files are only useful in 3D printing, not injection molding.You will need a 3D printer that has at least a 200x200x180 mm build area, a .4 mm or .6 mm nozzle and PLA or ABS filament in order to use the pre-made .gcode files. A separate license and contract will be required if you are wanting to put my work into injection molding production.

STL and .gcode files have hidden identifiers in them showing your invoice number. Any proven report of your STL or .gcode files being shared will result in termination of your support license, including all future updates. These files are tools that I provide as part of your support license and are for personal use only. Whatever you do with your 3D printed items themselves is totally up to you.

Please Note: The .gcode files included in this package are simply provided as a means to get you started quickly. They are not intended to be the exclusive method that you use for 3D printing, nor will they work with every printer out there. There is no substitute for knowing how to slice your own STL files and knowing how your printer actually works.

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Warranty and return policy: All sales are final, support licenses are not transferable and not refundable due to the nature of electronic delivery of digital goods. All 3D printed goods sold on this website are custom orders and are not returnable. Digital goods are only guaranteed to take up hard drive space and 3D printed goods are only guaranteed to take up physical space. Placing an order on this website constitutes your agreement with these terms.